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Leftist Heads Explode Over Howard Zinn’s Death

The hatefulness of the Left knows no bounds when a conservative passes away, but when one of their own dies the hallowed halls of heaven are awaiting their savior as they glorify the beloved path he walked. And woe to him who dares question the idol of their worship. Bits of gray matter are clinging to the shards of leftist skulls as they bemoan the passing of Howard Zinn, the Marxist anarchist known for his revisionist history.

Progressive fans are flocking to twitter and leftist media lamenting  Zinn’s demise.

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You Probably Think This Speech is About You

You would think President Obama’s jobs speech would be about the American people and reviving the economy. Think again…

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TOTUS: You Thought It Was A Crutch, But It’s Really A Blankie

President Obama has taken a lot of ribbing over his use of a teleprompter. But it’s fair game. Come on, he used one at a rodeo and took 12 with him to Europe. No really! He needs the security  of TOTUS so frequently that just when you thought it was a crutch, you realize it’s his blankie.

Just last week he was caught using teleprompters to speak to 6th graders. What could be more embarrassing? How about being filmed using TOTUS to speak to a dozen people at a meeting. Don’t believe me? Count the people in attendace in this video (HT to Curt at Flopping Aces.)

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We’ve all seen the MasterCard commercials throughout the years, but have you seen MasterLard?

This video falls into the “must see” category. In 34 seconds it so exquisitely defines the tactics of Congressional Democrats it will become unforgettable.

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Is ‘Organizing For America’ The Source Of The Ellie Light Letters?

In the past few weeks letters supporting President Obama’s  agenda have been published in various news editorials in multiple states signed by the mysterious Ellie Light who claims to reside in all of the states. Each letter bears a striking similarity to the others.  Controversy is building across the internet surrounding the real identity of Ellie Light and the origin of the “astroturf” letters.

Hat Tip to Freeper Jim Wayne for noticing that Organizing For America (OFA), a.k.a., President Obama’s campaign website, contains a letter generator for astroturfing letters of support to various media outlets across the country.

By googling the first sentence of the astroturf   letters provided on the OFA website, Wayne discovered the search engine returns a number of results published in various newspaper and media editorials around the country with identical wording.

Freeper RebelBase dug a little deeper and discovered…

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Obama: I Am The Taxman

A hilarious new video is heading viral across the internet this weekend, and it’s creator did some serious video editing.

President Obama has been spending taxpayer money at break-neck speed, and it looks like the taxpayers are beginning to return the favor in, shall we say, creative ways. 

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No Rules for Radicals

A cool new video is pumping across the web. Created by Joe Dan Gorman and “inspired by Saul Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals” and how it has become the ‘liberal primer’ for the now flaming socialist Democrat Party.” This video rocks a while slapping the Left around.

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Instead Of Leading, Obama Returns To Campaigning

It looks like President Obama has failed to learn anything from the Democrat’s loss in Massachusetts. Neglecting the fact that their loss is the inevitable result of a failed policy agenda he has enlisted his former campaign manager, David Plouffe, to return and oversee the DNC’s 2010 election campaign and help fight the coming storm. According to the New York Times,

The White House is searching for ways to respond to panic among Democrats over the possible demise of his health care bill and a political landscape being reshaped by a wave of populism.


“We are turning the corner to a much more political season,” said David Axelrod, a senior adviser to the president, who confirmed Mr. Plouffe’s role. “We are going to evaluate what we need to do to get timely intelligence and early warnings so we don’t face situations like we did in Massachusetts.”

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A Question Without TOTUS Is Like A Day Without Sunshine

We’ve all been witness to President Obama speaking without a teleprompter, and it’s not a pretty sight to see. 


He not only fails at delivering eloquent commentary his message lacks all sense of cohesisive thought. Obama stands close to becoming the “greatest orator” with the worst unscripted moments in the history of the United States. POTUS without TOTUS is an experience not to behold. It’s even uglier when he’s asked a question he’s unprepared to answer.

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The Thrill Is Gone: Audible Gasps on MSNBC Set Over MA Bellweather Polls

This morning on MSNBC’s  Morning Joe show, as Chris Matthews reported his conversation with Suffolk University pollster David Paleologos that the GOP’s Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley by “double-digits” in the “Bellweather areas” of Massachusetts, audible gasps of “Oh, my God” are loudly heard on the MSNBC set.

The bellweather areas last night were double digit for Brown so it looks like Brown….But if the Bellweather areas are double-digits for Brown, it’s over.

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Chris Matthews Panics, Plays The Religion Card Reminding Voters Brown Protestant, Coakley Catholic

I must have missed the memo, but exactly when did liberals begin caring about religion?

It appears the Democrats are throwing out all stops in an effort to defeat Scott Brown and retain control of “Ted’s seat.” No insult, ridicule or  smear is too low to stoop. Earlier this weekend Chris Matthews fretted the Democrats might not find enough votes to buy in the Massachusetts’ special election for “Ted’s seat” between Brown and Martha Coakley. I guess he didn’t scare up enough voters to attend President Obama’s speech at Coakley’s Sunday rally because he’s kicked into high gear.

Appearing on the Morning Joe show, Matthews played the religion card, reminding voters in the heavily Catholic Massachusetts that Brown is Protestant and Coakley is Catholic.

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Forget His Nobel, Obama Deserves An Oscar

In his weekly address President Obama presented a speech worthy of this year’s Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role. How else could he get on his bully-pulpit and make stone-faced attacks against those Wall Street scoundrels who repaid their loans from the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) with interest? Especially the banks forced to accept the loans in an attempt to hide the identity of the banking and mortgage companies whose balance sheets triggered the crisis.

Under the disguise of “populism” the President announced plans to tax big banks up to $117 billion over the next ten years as punishment for their role in the financial crisis.  With the exception of Citigroup, the banks identified have repaid their TARP money with interest. The President stated,

Those who oppose this fee have also had the audacity to suggest that it is somehow unfair, that because these firms have already returned what they borrowed directly, their obligation is fulfilled.

But this willfully ignores the fact that the entire industry benefited not only from the bailout, but from the assistance extended to AIG and homeowners, and from the many unprecedented emergency actions taken by the Federal Reserve, the FDIC and others to prevent a financial collapse. And it ignores a far greater unfairness: sticking the American taxpayer with the bill.”

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America Rising: An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians

You were elected on a promise of hope and change. You’ve disappointed us. In 2010, we are taking the country back.

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