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Stop The Presses! CNN Reported What?!


Hell must have frozen over because CNN, known for unwielding support of Barack Obama and leftist plans to socialize America, deviated this week from the mainstream media norm. On CNN’s The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer and Lisa Sylvester examined the “lavish” pension-plan and retirement-packages government officials continue to receive despite the economic crisis. Such unusual reporting by progressive media did not go unnoticed. Picked up by the Wall Street Journal, Anthony Kang reports on the “Broken Government” segment noting its opening,

“Lawmakers on Capitol Hill get automatic pay-raises and they never have to worry about their retirement, but that’s not the case for many middle-class Americans.”

Not content to offer a lightweight episode, Blitzer and Sylvester interviewed Pete Sepp, the National Taxpayers Union’s vice president for policy and communications, who offers this tantalizing tidbit of information,

“Unlike even the state and local pension plans, the federal Congressional pension system is simply a direct line into the taxpayer’s wallet. There’s no investments that need to be made, no fund balances they get worried about – whatever the liability is for a given year – taxpayers cough up the money for it.”

Welcome to the party, CNN. Glad you could join the rest of us! Now that you’re reporting information that is actually pertinient to the taxpayer, I hope you will take aim at the leftist lawmakers abusing the system. I won’t be holding my breath though.


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Harry Reid…YOU LIE!

“The surge has failed.”
“The war is lost.”
“American citizens who tour the Capitol building during the summertime stink!”
“No one has talked about reconciliation.”

Senate majority leader Harry Reid is a prime example of a corrupt career politician whose lies are so demonstrably false he believes no one will call him on them.  Guess again, Harry!

 This week during President Obama’s healthcare summit Reid inaccurately claimed, 

“No one has talked about reconciliation.”

Yet 6 days earlier during an interview discussing his meeting with President Obama on passage of the health care bill, Reid admitted Democrats intend to employ the tactical nuclear option, a.k.a. reconciliation, to pass the bill within 60 days.

Ralston: “Do you think you’re going to have a brand new bill to pass through Congress?”

Reid: “As of an hour ago, I think we’ll not have to do a major bill. We’ll do a relatively small bill; take care of what we’ve already done.

Ralston: “And pass it through reconciliation?”

Reid: “Yeah.”

After telling so many different lies, it’s must be hard to remember what you said and to whom. Hey Harry! You threatened the use of reconciliation here, here and here too!

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Glenn Beck: “Dear President Obama…”

“Last Night, Dick Cheney came into my
bedroom, and ate my heart, and my liver”

Hey Olbermann, you should be taking notes! In the video below Glenn Beck and Pat Gray prove you suck and they rock as they act out healthcare letters to President Obama read every night in the White House.

Sadly, reality is probably more hilarious than this episode, but if you need a laugh to relieve the stress provoked by Leftists in America this past year, give yourself a five minute break to remember what it’s like to laugh.

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President Obama Pawned By Rep. Paul Ryan At Healthcare Summit

Average trip to the doctor’s office:  $100

President Obama’s new healthcare plan:  $1 Trillion

Watching Rep. Paul Ryan pawn President Obama at his own healthcare summit: Priceless

Today it became painfully obvious President Obama does not play chess. Pawned by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) at the President’s own healthcare summit, Obama was forced to just sit there and take it. This bright, young conservative exposed the Democrat’s healthcare gimmicks, and took Obama and Biden to task over whether Congress was “qualified” to know what the American people want.

Proving himself incapable of engaging on any level in response to Ryan, Obama was left to whine.

Watch the video of Ryan at David Horowitz’s NewsReal

Mellinger’s Panaroma

Two years ago Alex Mellinger undertook a mission to film a panorama of all the stars in the night sky. Travelling to remote corners of the world he took 3,000 digital photographs, each exposure lasting an hour and a half or more. After more than one hundred hours of computer time, Mellinger electronically stitched the images together into one seamless whole creating a visually stunning masterpiece.

Click here for an amazing view of the sky. It looks like almost any other image of the sky, until you use the controls in the upper right to zoom in . . . And in . . . And in.

The National Debt Road Trip

This is a great short video I thought I’d share since America has spent the past year living with the consequences of the extraordinary fiscal irresponsibility of President Obama and Congressional Democrats.

During President Obama’s first year in office the federal government spent $3.5 trillion. This amount far exceeds the spending by any other first-year president. For 2010 Obama and the Democrats passed a $2.2 trillion budget, which excludes the $1.9 trillion increased debt limit passed in February, all unfunded liabilities for Social Security and Medicare, and the $5 Trillion in Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac mortgage-backed debt. For 2011, they’re guessing they’ll spend a record $3.8 trillion.

So sit back and hang on tight because you’re about to see the ride America is taking with President Obama in the driver seat. The video answers these two simple questions using the analogy of a road trip by comparing how fast different administrations have been traveling.

How do the Obama deficits compare with past presidents? And how did the national debt get so big anyway?

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The Audacity Of Dishonesty: The One Year Anniversary of The Stimulus

When the Democrat Economic Stimulus plan passed in February 2009, President Barack Obama crowed,

Most of the money we’re investing as part of this plan will get out the door immediately and go directly to job-creation, generating or saving 3 to 4 million new jobs.”

By August, Obama was feigning his ‘the buck stops here’ moment,

“We’ve got some work to do. I don’t mind, by the way, being responsible. I expect to be held responsible. for these issues because I’m the president.

Despite an $862 billion Economic Stimulus, since Obama took office 4,022,000 jobs have been lost and unemployment reached its highest point in 25 years. It appears the buck is stopping somewhere other than the Oval Office. A new video released by House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) shows Obama’s words misrepresent the reality of his actions and the Democrat’s Stimulus has failed the American people. With ammunition like this video the American people will be holding Obama and the Democrats accountable despite the President’s audacity to profess its success.

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Video: Glenn Beck’s CPAC Keynote Speech

This is a MUST SEE video of Glenn Beck delivering the keynote speech at CPAC 2010 to standing ovations. Enjoy what may be one of his best shows yet.

Watch the video at David Horowitz’s NewsReal

Uncovered Video: Obama Reveals Closer Relationship With ACORN!

During remarks to CPAC, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Ranking Member Darrell Issa (R-CA) released a video showing the close alliance between President Barack Obama and the radical leftist community organizing group ACORN.

When confronted about his relationship with ACORN during his Presidential campaign Obama stated,

“Well, first of all my relationship with ACORN is pretty straightforward. It’s probably 13 years ago when I was still practicing law, I represented ACORN and my partner in that investigation was the US Justice department in having Illinois implement what was called the motor voter law, to make sure people could go to DMV’s and driver license facilities to get registered. It wasn’t being implemented. That was my relationship and is my relationship to ACORN. There is an ACORN organization in Chicago. They’ve been active. As an elected offiical, I’ve had interactions with them. But, they’re not advising my campaign. We’ve got the best voter registration in politics right now and we don’t need ACORN’s help.”

Take a look at how deep their connection goes.

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Joseph Stack: Disillusioned Leftist, Not “Racist Right-wing Teabagger”

Despite the leftist ideology revealed in Joseph Stack’s manifesto, shortly after he crashed his plane into the IRS building in Austin, TX, progressive media lept to align him with the Tea Party movement, describing him as right-wing, racist, anti-tax, patriot, or militia. Sensing the danger the average American citizen in the Tea Party movement represents to Democrats in 2010 and 2012, they seized the opportunity to insinuate Stack’s alliance hoping to halt the movement’s rising populist wave across the nation.

As expected, leftists at the NY Times, Washington Post, NY Mag, TimeNewsweek, ABC and Daily Kos swiftly established the talking points. ABC News went so far as to resurrect Janet Napolitano’s quickly retracted Depatment of Homeland Security April 2009 report citing,

“Rightwing extremists have capitalized on the election of the first African American president, and are focusing their efforts to recruit new members, mobilize existing supporters, and broaden their scope and appeal through propoganda, but they have not yet turned to attack planning.”

Quoting Mark Potok, of the Southern Poverty Law Center, ABC maligned,

“the result is what [is] referred to as a ‘broad-based, right-wing populist rebellion.’”

But Joseph Stack cannot be branded as a member of the right. Stack was neither a teapartier nor right-winger. And he was more than just a loon who attempted to avoid paying income taxes. Although incoherent and underdeveloped, his rants are decidedly left-wing and his manifesto, or at least parts of it, are very similar to diaries at the Daily Kos.

Stack expressed hatred for George W. Bush,  the Catholic Church, and capitalism.  He attacked “fat cat” owners, railed against the health care industry and bemoaned the lack of consideration for the masses. Joseph Stack was devastated that his dreams of a benevolent government have been shattered.

In his manifesto he proclaims,

““The intent of this exercise and our efforts was to bring about a much-needed re-evaluation of the laws that allow the monsters of organized religion to make such a mockery of people who earn an honest living. “

“There are two “interpretations” for every law; one for the very rich, and one for the rest of us.”

“Now when the wealthy f*ck up, the poor get to die for the mistakes… isn’t that a clever, tidy solution. “

“The joke we call the American medical system, including the drug and insurance companies, are murdering tens of thousands of people a year and stealing from the corpses and victims they cripple”

“The recent presidential puppet GW Bush and his cronies in their eight years certainly reinforced for all of us that this criticism rings equally true for all of the government.”

Even the leftists at the Democratic Underground recognize one of their own,

“I think he presented his case well, lucidly, and has expressed what many of us here on DU have expressed: Anger at the injustices done to the American people, frustration at the unwillingness of our government to help us, and helplessness at the realization that we ultimately have no power.”

“There are many points made that I read on DU everyday.”

Overtly embracing Karl Marx, Stack chose to end his manifesto with an attack on free-market capitalism,

The communist creed: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. The capitalist creed: From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed.”

It is the Left who are slaves to Marxism, the foundation of today’s Democratic Party. A foundation which celebrates resentment and advocates control of the individual while rejecting the notions of liberty and freedom. This foundation forms a trap for the idealogue who will eventually become saddened by the failure of his expectations. Joseph Stack fell into the trap  formed by the fraud of statism. In the end his leftists ideals left him disillusioned, a consequence both destructive and deadly.

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You Too Can Benefit From Porkulus!

Times are tough and money is tight, but your car just broke down. You can’t afford a new car, and thanks to Cash For Clunkers you can’t find a used one.  You still need to bring home the bacon, so what are you going to do? 

No worries! President Obama has a deal just for you! Under the $787 Billion Stimulus Slushfund you can finally afford the mode of transportation desired by Americans across the county . . . a Golf Cart. That’s right. President Obama is willing to give you a $4,200-$5,500 tax credit to join him on the links!

But wait. There’s more! 

On the one year anniversary of Porkulus, Senate GOP published a list to help you find a way to benefit from the productive workers in society. Perhaps you’re interested in “studying kids who drink malt liquor and smoke marijuana,” or the “sex lives of female college freshmen.” If that’s not your game, there’s always researching “drunk mice” or “social networking sites like Facebook.” Or if you like free room and board, you can always go to prison so you can be one of the thousands upon thousands of inmates receiving $250 at taxpayer expense.

More of these marvelous acts of economic repair can be read here, but prepare yourself. This is just the tip of the taxpayer dollars intentionally wasted by Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. And as you will see, Porkulus was never meant to help you survive the economic downturn. Where’s my 8 iron?

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Robert Gibbs Warns Tweets to Him Will Be Stored Forever

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs hasn’t exactly taken twitter by storm with his record 13 tweets in 5 days, but in his latest effort to avoid answering questions he’s announced that all of his tweets, and any direct responses he receives, will be preserved forever. No, really!

Under the President Records Act, administrations are required to archive information, and the Obama administration has declared tweets analogous to email. This begs the question, “If Gibbs tweets like he answers press questions, who will want to read his tweets decades from now?”

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Looking California, But Feeling Minnesota: “Miss Me Yet” Billboard Sponsors Revealed

It’s been one of those years.  You know the type.  The kind where no matter what you do, it seems as if every elected representative is hell bent on putting a stranglehold on your freedom and prosperity as they turn the nation into California on steroids. And then about two weeks ago news spread about a “Miss me yet?” billboard with a photo of George W. Bush mysteriously appearing along I-35 in Wyoming, Minnesota.

As word of the sign spread, speculation abounded about its sponsors and their intent. The Left knew it was those rascally, racist Republican haters of Obama. And the Right… well, the Right just seemed to smile with an inner solace that someone had dared ask what we had all been feeling.

Tuesday the mystery was solved. A political blog, Minessota Democrats Exposed, revealed the names of two of the mystery billboard’s seven sponsors, Mike Rivard and Randy Nugent. Guess what? They weren’t all Republicans. But not a single one would call themselves Democrats, choosing instead Independents. It looks like that hope and change is beginning to hurt. According to the sponsors, the photo of Bush waving and the “Miss me yet?” text originated as part of a chain e-mail sent among friends. When asked why they chose to post the image, Rivard and Nugentsaid,

“We’re sick of the blame game and (Bush) isn’t so bad compared with what we have now.”

“It is not fair to blame everything on (George W. Bush) just like it is not fair to expect Obama to have a magic solution.”

The billboard image will remain up for another month, although the group has received “hundreds” of donation offers to continue funding its placement. After the first year of President Obama’s failed policies and opposition bashing, many Americans have been “feeling Minnesota,” but thanks to a small group of business owners we’re now feeling satisfaction.

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FaceBook Jihad

Earlier today I wrote this piece on President Obama’s appointment of Rashad Hussain as envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference and his associations with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. As always, I linked my post on my Facebook profile. Not too long ago I received this image from a friend.  It appears pro-islamics on FaceBook felt my post worthy of censoring and reported it as containing abusive content.

Facebook censorship is not new. Our own Robert Spencer has written about the internet jihad on Facebook  here.  As long as there are those who attempt to publish the truth the jihad will continue until Facebook and other social networking sites decide it’s time take a stand for what is right.


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Hey Centrist Dems! Want To Know What The Left REALLY Thinks Of You?

Victory has many proud parents. Defeat has a whole lot of pointing fingers. And in the few short hours since Senator Evan Bayh announced his decision not to run for re-election the Left’s projection of hatred at Bayh and centrist Democrats is ramping up. I just don’t feel the love like when they needed the centrists’ votes on health care. Here are just a few of the tweets making the rounds.

“I hate Evan Bayh so so so so much.”

“Bayh left the way he legislated, as a total d*ck to Democrats.”

“Evan Bayh = Grade-A a**hole/d*ck. “

and the piece de resistance…

“Bayh wasn’t a true Democrat. He was a Blue Dog.”

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Sticking A Fork In Obama’s New Strategy

Repeat the lie often enough and people will believe it. Taking a cue from the Democrat playbook, the White House is preparing to kick communications propaganda into overdrive to spread their message in 2010. Apparently 158 interviews during Obama’s first year wasn’t enough face time for the Campaigner-In-Chief. Let’s face it, only 90 were on TV.

The Washington Post reports President Obama’s new strategy campaign will have four planks:

First, “Return to the disciplined messaging that was a hallmark of the 2008 campaign, in which unhelpful themes were filtered out in favor of topics that advanced the candidate’s goals.” [Translation: We didn’t ask your opinion.]

Second, “Quicker, more aggressive response to GOP attacks on the president and his policies.” [Translation: Racist, racist, racist!]

Third, ”The image of Obama standing in the Diplomatic Room surrounded by men in dark suits will be replaced, as often as possible, by scenes of a more relaxed president in crowds.” [Translation: Obama needs more face time.]

Fourth, the White House will seek to once again seize the theme of “change.” [Translation: Time to mesmerize the little people into projecting their desires onto Obama’s ‘blank slate’ since it worked so well in 2008]

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