Michelle Obama: “Let’s Lie” and Other Smart Parenting Techniques from the Left

Progressives using deceit and misinformation to manipulate people to achieve their intended goal is not new. It’s standard operating procedure. With the election of Barack Obama came the most radical administration in the history of the United States bringing lies, threats, and backroom deals to the forefront of American politics. 60’s radicals seized their opportunity to enact their leftist agenda, attacking any opponent who dared to speak out against their plans. But the American people held strong to their convictions and the left was forced to move toward soft tyranny, the slow nudge of leftist ideology insinuating itself into our lives. Through all of this the one thing we thought America would never see would be the day that its First Lady would advance an agenda that encourages parents to lie and trick their children.

As part of Let’s Move, Michelle Obama’s nationwide crusade to reduce obesity, the First Lady sponsored a multitude of efforts that violate personal liberties, eliminate free choice and personal responsibility, and enable the federal government to intrude into the lives of private citizens. She campaigned to eliminate food desserts, to enact legislation to give the federal government the power to collect the BMI (body mass index) of children ages 2 – 18 and provide counseling to those that are overweight, to place salad bars in elementary school lunch rooms, and to “transform the marketplace” by removing items containing trans fat from available choices to purchase in the nation’s largest grocery retailer.

Let’s Move is one of many means to an end; a fragment to achieving the progressive strategy laid out in the book Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth and Happiness by Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein. Sunstein is the current White House Czar for Information and Regulatory Affairs who believes the First Amendment should be reformulated, pets should be granted legal standing to sue their owners and who professes, “There is no liberty without dependency.” In that one word, dependency, is found the psychology behind the Obama adminstration. The Obama regime seeks to replace independence with reliance on government. And if Americans won’t willingly accept their ideological agenda they’re establishing a foundation which will “nudge” you into compliance by removing your options. In Nudge, Thaler and Sunstein assert,

“Individuals make pretty bad decisions—decisions they would not have made if they had paid full attention and possessed complete information, unlimited cognitive abilities, and complete self-control.”

In other words, the average American doesn’t pay attention, is uninformed, has limited reasoning and intellectual capacity, and lacks self-control. Uninformed people are incapable of making the right decisions in their life but the elistists know what the people need and must, therefore, prod or nudge them into making the correct choices. Thayer and Sunstein state,

“It would be quite fantastic to suggest that everyone is choosing the right diet, or a diet that is preferable to what might be produced with a few nudges.

“The false assumption is that almost all people, almost all of the time, make choices that are in their best interest or at the very least are better than the choices that would be made by someone else.

“It seems reasonable to say that people make good choices in contexts in which they have experience, good information, and prompt feedback—say, choosing among ice cream flavors. People know whether they like chocolate, vanilla, coffee, licorice, or something else. They do less well in contexts in which they are inexperienced and poorly informed . . . say, in choosing between fruit and ice cream . . . or in choosing among medical treatments or investment options.”

What is more alarming than the progressive narcissism contained in the assertion that the American people are incapable of choosing their own food, medical treatments and investment options is the First Lady’s effort to discredit and dismantle families under the guise of solving obesity. Using the Let’s Move program, Obama is manipulating parents to lie and coerce their children into accomplishing what the Left deems is a greater good. Appearing on the Tom Joyner Show this week, Michelle Obama promoted the Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for her Let’s Move Lie initiative as

“Really cute tips for parents.” (hat tip The Blaze)

“Cute tips?”

The First Lady is advocating the use of under-handed trickery to manipulate kids into making what she deems is the right chice. Ironically, the Lets’ Move blog’s entry the same day as her interview is titled, “Lead By Example.” Yet lying and manipulation not only undermine parental authority, these behaviors discourage honesty, integrity, responsibility and self-control, and lead to a breakdown in moral values. What happens when the kids realize they’ve been lied to and manipulated? . . .  And they will. . . . . They’ll lose respect and trust for their parents. Is this part of her objective – to sever the bonds between parents and their children leaving the children more vulnerable to the state‘s influence? Will the state then step in and remind the kids that it’s their parents who lie to them and the state is here to help? It’s certainly one way to solidify the progressive hold on American youth and increase dependency upon the government.

Michelle believes that lying and tricking your kids is smart parenting. And if you think about it, you’re children aren’t the only ones being deceived. She’s misleading parents into believing the concept of dishonesty is a parenting technique. In her eyes, you’re just another fat kid who needs to be told what’s good for them. You need to be nudged into welcoming change.

When it comes to healthy eating habits parents, not the government, should decide what food choices are available to their kids. And there’s nothing wrong with just saying, “No.” Parents can encourage physical activity by engaging in activities with their children. Go outside with your kids and play ball, take a walk, go to the park. If your kids are overweight use the opportunity to find more quality time by joining them in a diet and exercise program. Children will learn responsibility, self-control and self- respect while strengthening family bonds.

Honesty, integrity and character start at home and are the foundation of the American society.  One should “lead by example,” but not with lies, manipulation and coercion. Children should know that a parent’s word is their bond; that morals and ethics are the true measure of man’s character, his worth. Strengthening the family unit improves our communities and our country. We do not need the government determining what is best for us and our families. We know what’s best for our families and are capable of making our own choices. We do not need the government to determine our best interests.


About Liz Blaine

Liz Blaine is a financial analyst, author and freelance writer on finance, economics and politics.

4 Responses to “Michelle Obama: “Let’s Lie” and Other Smart Parenting Techniques from the Left”

  1. dishonesty, deception, and trickery are how this president with a fake birth, fake education, and fake experience got him elected. What did you expect?


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