Van Jones: Left Needs “To Pretend” In Order To Pass Green Agenda

Everything the Left stands for is pretense. An assortment of lies intended to convince the American populace progressives want to help the little people… the working class… the poor…. Despite their best efforts at concealment, the truth of their radical agenda seeps through their mire of lies. The latest exposure of what passes for liberal thought comes courtesy of The Blaze and Naked Emperor News. As the Left continues to undermine the American economy for political and financial gain, Van Jones, the self-described “communist” and former Obama Green Czar targets our youth, instructing them to promote the Left’s radical “green” agenda. An agenda which, if enacted, will give the government the power to control who can purchase and use carbon, the basic ingredient of life on planet Earth.

As I wrote in Wet Dreams Of The Great Communist Revolution (Pt. 1, Pt. 2,) leftist radicals installed in the Obama admninistration are striving to transform America from free market capitalism into a government-controlled economy where the people will be dependent upon the the government for all products, resources, and services, how they will be produced, and who is to produce them. The healthcare, insurance, transportation, banking and finance sectors quickly fell inbto their control as the adminstration used crisis after crisis to seize and expand their power. Enacting even one of Jones’ three planks for carbon control will cede the government majority control over the U.S. economic sectors and end the American way of life.

The Left is using the green movement as a primary means to ensure the redistribution of wealth from the American people into the hands of a select group of politically connected elitists. They laid the groundwork for the day when an opportunity would present itself. Ask yourself, why would Franklin Raines, as head of Fannie Mae, register a patent on residential cap and trade exchange that gives the mortgage giant “a lock on the fledgling carbon trading market… [and] a major financial stake in the success of cap-and-trade legislation?” The same Franklin Raines who helped create the mortgage meltdown and financial crisis of 2008 while making millions off the collapse. And the same Franklin Raines who subsequently served as a key political and economic advisor to then-candidate Barack Obama.

What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. In the video below Van Jones willfully betrays the American people and urges our youth to lie to achieve the goals of the Green movement. To the Left, the end justifies the means. To the American people, it is unacceptable.


“The way that you get clean energy up in your country, and get the innovation up in your country, and get the jobs up in your country is to push down on the dirty stuff. Okay? To get the clean stuff up you got to push down on the dirty stuff.

“There’s only three ways to do that. [Ed. note: “Top down, bottom up, inside out”] You either regulate the dirty polluters real hard. Regulation. You tax ’em real hard. Carbon tax. Or you make them buy permits for all that stuff they’re putting up in the air. Those are your only three options. Regulate them hard. Tax them hard. Make them buy permits. Make ’em buy permits, that’s called cap and trade.

“Unfortunately, the minute we did that, the cap and trade proposal got called ‘cap and tax’ and everything else and ‘socialism.’ Now we are without an option. Your country now has no solution to the biggest problem we’ve ever faced from an ecological point of view. And no way to get to the biggest opportunity we’ve ever had from an economic point of view. So the only thing left for you, young folks, next year is to go back to the EPA and say, ‘Listen, we tried TO PRETEND that what was going on was a market failure, i.e., we had the price wrong for carbon. The price being zero. And that didn’t work, so now we’re going to have TO PRETEND it is a regulatory failure.’

“This is important for you to know, young folks, because if we’re not careful by next year Congress may eliminate the Clean Air Act at EPA. They said they wanted to do that. So then we won’t be able to regulate, we won’t be able to tax, we won’t be able to sell permits. We’re just going to be cooking the planet, losing jobs.”


About Liz Blaine

Liz Blaine is a financial analyst, author and freelance writer on finance, economics and politics.

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